Our shipping partner Link Logistics handles all outbound shipments. Deliveries will be carried out by GLS and PostNord for Domestic orders while UPS and DHL will deliver international orders. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. All orders are insured, and Track & Trace information is provided via SMS and/or email upon dispatch.

Shipping times for regular service in Europe are 1-4 business days and 2-5 days for orders out of Europe. accepts no responsibility for delays in customs processes outside the EU. Please use our shipping times as a guide. Some countries may experience extended shipping times due to exceptional shipping requirements.

Shipping costs will be added at the checkout and may vary from country to country. Prices shown on are added to the order during the checkout process. Customer Service is at the customer’s disposal to answer any questions regarding shipping costs on [email protected] and +45 3535 6264, Ext.7. reserves the right to request additional shipping costs from the customer on orders for multiple items.

Please note: We are unable to deliver to PO Box addresses. Customs and VAT fees may apply for non-eu addresses.

Order before 14:00 CEST for same day shipping. 


Destination Shipping Cost Free Shipping Threshold
Austria 15 EUR 200 EUR
Belarus 45 EUR N/A
Belgium 12 EUR 200 EUR
Bulgaria 22 EUR 300 EUR
Croatia 37 EUR N/A
Cyprus 50 EUR N/A
Czech Republic 22 EUR 300 EUR
Denmark 20 DKK 800 DKK
Estonia 22 EUR 200 EUR
Faroe Islands 50 EUR N/A
Finland 15 EUR 200 EUR
France 11 EUR 200 EUR
Georgia 60 EUR N/A
Germany 8 EUR 200 EUR
Greece 27 EUR N/A
Greenland 50 EUR N/A
Guernsey 50 USD N/A
Hungary 22 EUR N/A
Iceland 50 EUR N/A
Ireland 17 EUR 200 EUR
Italy 17 EUR 200 EUR
Jersey 40 GBP N/A
Latvia 22 EUR N/A
Liechtenstein 32 EUR N/A
Lithuania 22 EUR N/A
Luxembourg 17 EUR 300 EUR
Malta 40 EUR N/A
Monaco 27 EUR N/A
Netherlands 11 EUR 200 EUR
Norway 258 NOK N/A
Poland 15 EUR 200 EUR
Portugal 20 EUR 200 EUR
Romania 22 EUR N/A
Slovakia 22 EUR N/A
Spain 17 EUR 200 EUR
Sweden 85 SEK 1300 SEK
Switzerland 17 EUR 200 EUR
Turkey 45 EUR N/A
United Kingdom 11 GBP 200 GBP

US and Canada
Destination Shipping Cost Free Shipping Threshold
USA 30 USD 300 USD
Canada 30 USD 300 USD

Destination Shipping Cost Free Shipping Threshold
China 43 USD N/A
Hong Kong 43 USD N/A
India 43 USD N/A
Indonesia 43 USD N/A
Japan 43 USD N/A
Korea 43 USD N/A
Malaysia 43 USD N/A
Mongolia 60 USD N/A
Myanmar 60 USD N/A
Pakistan 43 USD N/A
Phillippines 43 USD N/A
Singapore 43 USD N/A
Sri Lanka 60 USD N/A
Taiwan 43 USD N/A
Thailand 43 USD N/A
Vietnam 43 USD N/A

Rest of the World
Destination Shipping Cost Free Shipping Threshold
Argentina 50 USD N/A
Australia 43 USD N/A
Bahrain 60 USD N/A
Brazil 45 USD N/A
Brunei 60 USD N/A
Chile 60 USD N/A
Dominican Republic 45 USD N/A
Ecuador 60 USD N/A
Egypt 45 USD N/A
Grenada 60 USD N/A
Honduras 60 USD N/A
Jamaica 60 USD N/A
Jordan 45 USD N/A
Kenya 60 USD N/A
Kuwait 43 USD N/A
Lebanon 43 USD N/A
Maldives 68 USD N/A
Mauritius 60 USD N/A
Mexico 43 USD N/A
Moldova 50 USD N/A
New Zealand 43 USD N/A
Panama 45 USD N/A
Paraguay 60 USD N/A
Peru 60 USD N/A
Qatar 43 USD N/A
Russia 60 EUR N/A
Saudi Arabia 43 USD N/A
Serbia 50 USD N/A
South Africa 60 USD N/A
Tanzania 60 USD N/A
Trinidad and Tobago 60 USD N/A
Tunisia 60 USD N/A
Ukraine 45 EUR N/A
United Arab Amirates  50 USD N/A
Virgin Islands 60 USD N/A
Uruguay 30 USD 300 USD
Venezuela 60 USD N/A