Sacha Maric was born and raised in London and now lives and works in New York. He has a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
We are very happy to have collaborated with Sacha on the imagery for the first Wood Wood Double A campaign, and to coincide with the release of three of the images as signed and numbered prints, we managed to sit down and chat about his work.

Hey Sacha, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Could you start off by telling us what your background is, and how you got to do what you're doing today? Thanks for having me. I'm a Brooklyn based photographer, but was born and raised in London. I've worked as a fashion photographer for the past ten years for magazines and fashion brands. I started off my career as an artist but ended up choosing a commercial career path. However, I've continued to work on personal projects that are not fashion related, it's been healthy for my creativity and overall well being.

What is the concept and thought behind the images in the Double A campaign?
Several years ago I put out a book called Thrashers. All the images in this series were cropped and enlarged screenshots of people at 80's thrash metal concerts, taken from video footage found online. Brian (Wood Wood co-founder) called me up and expressed an interest in doing something in the same vein for the Double A campaign. We agreed to not focus on a single music genre, but to capture the beauty and mayhem of youth in many different music scenes, some of which we experienced in our own adolescence.

Tell us what your new book 'Schicksal' is about. What can we expect?
Schicksal is a project that I began working on 15 years ago. I'd go to concerts with a 35mm snapshot camera and my 6x6 medium format camera and document different youth and music scenes across England, shooting portraits of kids on black and white film. Wrong Studio approached me about collaborating on a new book project, and together we worked on rephotographing the original contact sheets with a macro lens, deliberately keeping them soft and out of focus, and zooming into the original images to create abstract compositions. The title of the project is German for fate / destiny, and was inspired by my fascination with the Brothers Grimm cautionary fairy tales.

Speaking of the Brothers Grimm, can you tell us more about your trip to Schwarzwald - The Black Forest?
I went in search of a breadcrumb trail, hoping to find something mysterious that would nod to the stories I read. I spent a few days out there by myself, walking around, enjoying the solitude and shooting the sinister and densely wooded landscapes. I found a heart with the initials H+G crudely scratched into a wooden wall panel inside a traditional Black Forest house. Allowing myself to get lost in a forest and finding my way out again was a cool experience.

Any other projects for 2018 that you can reveal?

I've been working on a project called The Stairwell for a couple of years, photographing people I met through Instagram, who I asked to pose nude in the stairwell outside the front door of my Brooklyn apartment. It's still a work in progress, but I hope to finish it this year if time allows, and publish it as a zine.

Sacha has previously released two books of his personal work. 'Thrashers' (2010), a series of screengrabs from 80's heavy metal concert videos found on YouTube, and 'Good Mother and Father' (2012), a collection of personal pictures chronicling his experience in becoming a first-time parent; a meditation on life, death and sex.

Sacha's upcoming third book 'Schicksal' will be available at all Wood Wood stores from Tuesday, February 6.
The signed and numbered Sacha Maric prints are available in editions of 20 at Wood Wood Berlin, Wood Wood Copenhagen and online now.

Make sure to follow Sacha on Instagram and check his work here.