We were very excited about doing this collaborative project with the Lego Group.

We invited 4 artists from 4 different cities to contribute to this project. Each artist was asked to come up with sketches for a sculpture to be built in Lego bricks. We then connected the artists to Lego Fans in each country, who were responsible for the actual building.

Participating artists: HuskMitNavn / Copenhagen Delta / Amsterdam Will Sweeney / London So Me / Paris

The sculptures are shown in each of the 4 cities starting with Wood Wood, Copenhagen in August 2009 followed by Colette, Paris, in September. Here after the exhibition went to Goodhood, London, before finally going to 290 SQM, Amsterdam.

All sculptures was auctioned off to benefit Save The Children.

When we first initiated this project we had no idea how it would turn out. The genereal idea was to have some grown-ups play around with Lego bricks and see what would happen. We had defined a fixed set of rules such as size, colours and types of bricks, but the builders really succeeded in translating each artist´s individual style into the geometric system of Lego.