It is with great... pleasure, that we welcome the Jakarta based T-shirt brand Pleasure to our selection at Wood Wood stores. Pleasure is a brand that is build around the love for disco and a good party - and the T-shirts that they do are a bi-product hereof.
In occasion of getting Pleasure on board at Wood Wood stores, we were lucky enough to have Tara of Pleasure do a mix for our Muzak project to get a better understanding of the vibe they stand for and also to answer a few questions about what Pleasure is all about. So sit back, press play, read below mini Q&A and check the T-shirts here.
Hi Tara! Thanks for taking the time to chat. Can we start off with you telling us how Pleasure started and what the concept is?
Pleasure started because 7 of us wanted to do a party for our closed friends. The parties back then were too serious in our opinion. No longer fulfilling the original concept of a party in itself which is to hangout and laugh with your friends. When you know each other you can get loose more and we think we do a t-shirt so that we all can remember the lovely moments we had together at the party.
What is the music scene like in Jakarta? Is disco a big thing?
The music scene in Jakarta is very happening and lively with many options of the kind of music from disco to house to techno to RnB and even the drum and bass scene here is alive and well. Disco is not a big thing but its no longer a small room, so we [have] come along way here with disco and we have a long wonderful way to go.
Can you tell us about the designs of the T-shirt and how you develop the artwork.
Our T-shirt designs are based on our love for everything we experience with joy in our everyday life from music, movies, designs, arts and so on, but music take more of a front stage. We always take a not so serious approach on these beauty around us and we want everyone to enjoy the silliness of these genius arts / designs. All 7 of us give ideas of the artwork and Michael Killian, who is our main designer, will work with all those ideas and serve the final touch which what you all see in our finish products.
What is the plan for the future of Pleasure?
We don't plan our future much to be quite honest. The Pleasure brand has grown organically over the past few years. We do everything that we considered fun, be it from parties to clothing to opening our own music space 'Zodiac'.
Since the conception of their first party and fueled with a DIY dj booth and a giant disco-ball, Pleasure has been attracting massive audiences locally and abroad. They have been doing some serious damage on the dance floor alongside Kenji Takimi, Eric Duncan and Thomas Bullock of Rub n Tug, Junior Executive, Paul T of Sarcastic, Justin Van Der Volgen and other cool cats from around the globe.

The special limited runs of T-shirts designed by the Pleasure team consistently accompany their screamer nights. Their designs are always in tune with the vibe of the music and party where they are trying to brew, an intimate get-down to an anything goes music policy. No genre, no standing, just dancing!
Listen to the Pleasure muzak mix here.
Pleasure is available at all W.W. stores and online.