All W.W. stores in Denmark are now open Monday to Saturday, 11:00-17:00 I Berlin 12:00-17:00

Wood Wood Berlin reopens

24. Apr 2020
In the evocative street of Rochstraße, Wood Wood Berlin combines commerce, culture and engagement inherent to the brand's DNA. After a concise refurbishment, the store re-opens on April 25 at 12 PM.

The Wood Wood Berlin flagship has transformed into a fluid space, providing atmospheric nuances to its immediate surroundings. First opened in 2006, sitting in the heart of Berlin's Mitte, the old neighbourhood is vibrant with cobblestone streets and charming houses.

Conceived as the spatial counterpart to the Copenhagen Flagship, Wood Wood Berlin is an epicentre of activity, creating a parallel experience across all Wood Wood stores. The surroundings captivate creativity and interactions, featuring two levels and two spacious fitting rooms wholly dedicated to enhancing the customers shopping experience. At the forefront, a team of experienced staff with extensive product knowledge add a personal character and expertise to the settings.

The updated Wood Wood Berlin boasts an extensive brand list ranging from Comme des Garçons to Nike with ethical options via conscious labels CARCEL, TEKLA and Double-A by Wood Wood. From the coming fall, the offering extends to include Beams Plus, Arc'teryx and Noma Ltd. Reacting to and shaping the current mood, Wood Wood provides context for the current line-up through a vast selection of influential art, fashion and culture publications. On offer, 032c Magazine, Man about town and The Gentlewoman, add a literary notion.

Form follows function, and meticulously, the interior conforms with precision. Wood panelling contrasts an unforgiving concrete surrounding, determining the formwork and placement of all apparel accessories and footwear. The wooden grid system enables flexibility and agility, adapting to the change of pace and simultaneous activities occurring in the space.

"Once again the design of the store has come to life in close collaboration with Karl and Brian, but also with a great deal of trust. The theme of the interior originates from a W.W. trade fair booth for Revolver Copenhagen we designed inspired by construction sites, with exposed standard constructional elements. We wanted to see how far we could take it, only inserting a minimal amount of design choices assuring the visitor that they are not simply trespassing at an actual construction site.

In the case of the Berlin store, the design choices contrasting the construction site atmosphere are dried flowers, hand-dyed textiles and hand-painted colour blocks as well as insulation encased behind Wood Wood branded clear acrylic."
- Svend Jacob Pedersen, Founding Partner, Spacon & X

The space has been shelled out of all noise and implements common uses of wood, transparent expressive panels and timber as seen in Wood Wood's London store.

Long-time collaborators Spacon & X have helped to conceptualise and design the space.