A Guided Tour with Icon Visions

25. Nov 2019
With 'A Guided Tour,' Icon Visions transforms Grønnegade into a mixture of feelings with a custom-built space. 'Go for feelings,' as the installation is named, merges the attitude of Wood Wood with the playful energy of Icon Visions. A custom-built Icon Visions room challenges the interpretation of the space, forcing a decision of showing off or staying low.

Adding further dimensions, the video project: 'Alone with visions' will be showcased, while sculptures of 'Rendering Thoughts' will take over the window as part of the universe, creating a subtle yet living environment of unknowingness.

Limited to this evening alone, products from Icon Visions will be available for in-store purchase. Should an item be sold out, it is possible to place a pre-order. The opportunity of placing a pre-order is exclusive to the event. Possible remaining products will be available at woodwood.com on November 29th.

Additionally, there will be Icon Visions freebies.

Music exists in the space of emotions. DJ Akropolia will deliver the music, a duo consisting of Mads & Blake, with live music by Ecstasy in Order end the evening with a set, suitable for the surroundings.

Wood Wood Copenhagen
Grønnegade 1
1107 København

Thursday, November 28th
from 17:00 - 20:00

Beers kindly provided by Mikkeller.

Join the event here.