Nike x Tom Sachs - Mars Yard Overshoe

6. May 2019
Nike and Tom Sachs join forces once again. This time, they are ready for the apocalypse and a new life on Mars with the Mars Yard Overshoe.

Designed by contemporary artist Tom Sachs, the sneaker is like no other. The out-of-this-world sneaker boasts a nylon and polyester shell preparing you for your next moon expedition or a life on another planet. Two straps with magnetic buckles and a drawstring ensure they fit properly.

Inside is the shell, a slightly re-imagined Nike Mars Yard sneaker like the one from 2017 is hidden. Some choose to cut the shell to unveil the Mars Yard sneaker, but we like it as it is.

Available at W.W. Copenhagen and on Thursday, May 9. Released as 'First come, first served' in store and through 'Early access raffle' online.

The raffle is closed.