ASICSTIGER GEL-Kayano Trainer x Sneakerwolf

3. Apr 2019
At first, this sneaker might not be your average choice from ASICSTIGER, but looking a bit closer on the design and interpretation of the GEL-Kayano Trainer silhouette made by Sneakerwolf you might change your mind. Based on the theme of the "Edo period", Sneakerwolf takes us back to the 18th century of Japan.
During the Edo period, the Shogunate announced that the common people were not allowed to luxurise, and that the use of bright and shiny materials, or noble purple, red, and gold and other colours was prohibited, and that materials should be limited to cotton only. Fast forwarding to todays 21st century where almost everything is allowed it only makes sense to 'punk' it up and do all of the before mentioned prohibitions. The GEL-Kayano Trainer is inspired by punk subcultures, coming through with an eye-catching white and purple mesh/leather upper with a super-hot flame graphic.
The ASICSTIGER GEL-Kayano Trainer x Sneakerwolf launches at W.W. Berlin, W.W. Copenhagen and on Friday, April 5 from 10:00 AM CET.