31. Jan 2019
Norwegian artist Camilla Myhre's VARNRABLE project has a somewhat clattering yet tight sound and her two tracks released on Danish quality guaranteeing label Escho, leaves you wanting for more. Her hypnotic and dreamy sound has a yes, vulnerable, vibe and her vocal beautifully flows on the pumping beats. With a background in dance and art, Myhre has a spectacular visual style and for her two released tracks she has also released corresponding videos assembled by different projections and movie snippets. Sound and image merge into a danceable universe, which provides space for both the introvert and the expressive.

We are very happy to have VARNRABLE do a mix for Muzak and seriously can't wait for her to release more music. For Muzak she has done a short and sweet mix spanning from the likes of Yves Tumor, Octavian and Dean Blunt while also making room for more established artists such as M.I.A. and Sade.

Make sure to stay updated on VARNRABLE's latest moves on Soundcloud and on Facebook. And make sure to experience her live at JOURNEY fest at Den Grå Hal, Saturday, February 23.

Listen to the MUZAK 65 mix right here.