The Muzak project is an on-going series of mixes created by a group of international friends of ours. All contributors have been asked to make a selection of tunes to be distributed on this site. We aim to bring music of great variety and to upload a new mix at least every month. Enjoy
Melchior Tersen is a French photographer who's work we have been fascinated by for quite some time. With an incredible eye for the beauty of decay, Melchior's work deals with various subcultures, consumerism and city life.

Born in 1987, Melchior grew up in the suburbs of Paris with burned CDs, manga, rap, VHS tapes, football and everything in between.

In conjunction with the Double A campaign he created for us, we managed to get on a chat and ask Melchior a few questions about his work and personal life (read the whole feature here). Both his work and life are strongly influenced by rap and metal and it seemed only natural to ask Melchior to contribute with a mix for our Muzak project. The muzak mix he created is a fierce selection of French rap handpicked and assembled by a passionate and sincere connoisseur.