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The Muzak project is an on-going series of mixes created by a group of international friends of ours. All contributors have been asked to make a selection of tunes to be distributed on this site. We aim to bring music of great variety and to upload a new mix at least every month. Enjoy
CÉCI is a young and upcoming underground producer, songwriter and artist from Copenhagen. Her sound is very UK, melancholic and could be defined as experimental pop with noisy industrial sounds and trippy beats.
She explains why:
"I don't like when things get too pretty or too smooth. I love when things are cracked, messed up and in pieces. I guess I'm afraid of being seen as a sweet little girl." CÉCI is currently working on new releases, and when she isn't working on music she's dancing to it.
For her contribution to the Muzak series, CÉCI has put together her favourite dancing tunes and the mix contains a wide spectrum of tunes and sounds. It starts of with a hypnotic jam and evolves into a very visceral sound with a violent industrial vibe throughout the entire mix.
We are pretty sure that you wont see CÉCI as a sweet little girl after listening to her mix!

Make sure to follow CÉCI on Soundcloud.