The Muzak project is an on-going series of mixes created by a group of international friends of ours. All contributors have been asked to make a selection of tunes to be distributed on this site. We aim to bring music of great variety and to upload a new mix at least every month. Enjoy
For 15 years Tobias Hansson aka. Bonsai Rolex has been the driving force behind the Stockholm based pop-cultural movement La Vida Locash. Starting as a name for parties thrown when Tobias was a teenager the La Vida Locash brand has evolved during the years to a media company who's work contains TV/video-production as well as music videos, music development and book publishing.
The latest book published by La Vida Locash is Damn Son Where Did You Find This? - A book about US hiphop mixtape cover art. Written by Tobias and long-time collaborator and friend Michael Thorsby the book is a love letter to the larger-than-life hiphop culture that always has been Tobias inspiration for his work under the La Vida Locash umbrella. About his contribution to the Muzak series Tobias says: "This mix is 50% unreleased demos from friends and 50% everyday songs I listen to".