The Muzak project is an on-going series of mixes created by a group of international friends of ours. All contributors have been asked to make a selection of tunes to be distributed on this site. We aim to bring music of great variety and to upload a new mix at least every month. Enjoy
Unkwon aka. Anders Dixen has established himself as a highly talented producer and his remixes embody a distinct sound and vibe that truly stands out. The unique bass heavy slow-motion R'n'B of Unkwon has led to numerous remixes lately - among others for CTM, Rough Days For Diamond Trade and When Saint Go Machine. His giving away his own great EP for free over here - make sure to check the laid back synth heavy beat music with the most beautiful pitched down vocal samples.

When not busy producing Anders is probably out dj'ing and when he played at our WWAW013 The Club after party he tore the place apart.

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