The Muzak project is an on-going series of mixes created by a group of international friends of ours. All contributors have been asked to make a selection of tunes to be distributed on this site. We aim to bring music of great variety and to upload a new mix at least every month. Enjoy
We have known MHM One aka Morten Halborg-Moeller since he first picked up a spraycan in the mid 90's. At the time Morten played the drums in various bands, but his true musical vision came to him years later during a longer residence in Berlin. Besides doing mixes for Wood Wood he is the man behind the Kill Your Telly club nights famous among Copenhagen ravers, and is one of the regular DJs at Copenhagen's Culture Box. MHM One has been remixing tracks for artists like Joe Montana, Martinez, I Got You On Tape and is releasing his own tracks on Tartelet Records, Fabric's WYS! label and Fantastic Friends. In Morten's own words MUZAK 17 consists of slo mo living room dance music with lots of warm synths and hand claps.