ELHANATI Alberto 50cm

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Double Chain Necklace with Malachite - 50cm.

Handcrafted jewelry made in Denmark, drawing on inspiration from the Nordic minimalistic lines and the mysterious energy and surroundings from the Middle East, ELHANATI was founded in 2011 by Orit Elhanati. Born in Copenhagen to parents of Greek, Israeli and Danish descent, the Middle Eastern undertones emerge from each piece that is handmade in the Copenhagen atelier, using recycled 18k solid gold. Using traditional craftsmanship techniques each piece is carefully crafted, and two pieces are never alike. The creation process is intuitive with a playful approach to the design process, where each piece is imagined and is worked through at the atelier by using hammering, burning and dripping techniques that create the unique organic signature structures and surfaces ELHANATI is known for, that become miniature wearable pieces of art.


Size & Fit
24kt Gold-coated Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Malachite
24kt gold/sterling silver
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