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Wood Wood is an innovative retail environment and global fashion brand bridging the worlds of style, music and culture. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, a city that prides itself in its creative community and environmental responsibility, Copenhagen serves as the perfect platform for the design studio, and its location in the local and multi-cultural neighborhood of Nørrebro is evident in the brands attitude.

Wood Wood and Sustainability

At Wood Wood sustainability is first and foremost about creating
high quality products than will stand the test of time and can be used over and over again.

Furthermore, while we create 'conventional products', we aim to use organic and/or certified materials.

We care about where and how we produce. We aim to produce 'closer to home', and we love when materials are recycled and/or the final product can be recycled in some form when the user is ready to 'let go'.

We want to take responsibility for significantly reducing the footprint we leave on the people, animals and the planet.

Our Strategy

The society and environment we live in are currently experiencing severe challenges, such as rising global temperatures having tremendous effects on the climate. If we are to prevent such damaging outcomes the temperature increase must stay below two degrees, a challenge faced by both political and industrial forces alike.

Furthermore, recent insights from the World Bank tell us that we will soon experience a global shortage of vital resources. As an example, figures show that the gap between the supply and demand of water could reach 40% by 2030. The world also faces a number of serious social issues, such as an increase in forced labour, sexual and racial discrimination, and poverty, all issues that prevent millions of people from living the life they deserve.

It is estimated that the earth's population will increase from seven billion people today to about eight and a half billion by 2030. As a consequence, enormous changes are to be expected in regards to societal structures and the fashion industry at large. It is pivotal for our industry to increase the speed of change and address not just local, but global environmental issues and live up to our shared social responsibility. We are committed to the world and convinced that these changes can be a great opportunity for our business to grow and thrive - thus our strategy will allow us to fulfil our vision and take our sustainability efforts to the next level.

Download full CSR strategy here