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Artefact is our take-back initiative that allows you to return pre-worn Wood Wood clothing.
In exchange for your return, you receive 15% off your next Wood Wood branded piece.
After careful inspection and cleaning, the clothes are ready to be resold at our Museum store, enabling the opportunity to revisit and reuse previous collections.
Through this circularity, clothes will see multiple lives rather than getting disposed.

Q&A Artefact

What is Wood Wood Artefact?
Artefact is a take-back program which means we take back your pre-owned Wood Wood items and resell or engage them in a recycle process. 'Artefacts' has been conceived following up from our current 'MUSEUM' concept that carries exclusive deadstock apparel and sneaker releases from the most sought-after brands from seasons past. Instead of leaving clothes behind, pass them on. The introduction of 'Artefacts' allows clothes to live on and let them fulfill their purpose.

Why is it called Artefact?
An Artefact is an object of value made by humans. In the creation process, the objective is to develop a piece of a certain quality. Museum objects are often referred to as artefacts, since they have undergone a preservation process, which states the quality and originality. Transferring this perception to garments, we consider our clothes to fall under the artefact category, since the quality and the production standard assures that our creations can go through time and see multiple lives.

How much is getting recycled?
Whether it is re-sold or recycled depends on the condition of the garment. Wood Wood guarantees that your clothing does not get burnt or end up in a landfill. Instead, it will engage in a recycling process if not re-sold.

Why is this sustainable?
By giving us your used clothing, we birth new life to the garment by making it possible to be re-used by others. As a result of this, you are restarting the process of your pre-owned items to be used once more, extending the life cycle of the item. We aim to help our consumers make this possible by our take-back program.
Additionally, statistics show that consumers throw away shoes and clothing [versus recycle], an average of 70 pounds per person, annually.

Why are you offering a voucher for used garments?
We want to encourage our customers to recycle rather than throw out; therefore, we offer a voucher as an incentive.

How am I making an environmental difference by giving back my clothing?
According to Wood Woods life cycle analysis (LCA), 74% of Wood Woods CO2 footprint comes from raw materials and production. Therefore, if the same garments can be worn and used several times, together we can make a difference in the environmental impact by saving resources which production of new textiles would typically require.
Statistics show that up to 95% of the textiles that are land filled each year could be recycled.

Why are you only taking back Wood Wood clothing?
The long-term goal is to create circularity that our consumers can be a part of by already knowing when purchasing a new Wood Wood item that they can give back and extend the life cycle of the garment. Therefore, our primary focus is our own produced garments because we can stand by the quality and do our best to control the outcome.

Where can I use my voucher?
You can use the voucher in all official Wood Wood stores https://www.woodwood.com/copenhagen-store on items that are exempt from any promotion or discount. Unfortunately, the voucher cannot be redeemed online.

Where can I find/or purchase Artefact items?
You can find the pre-owned garments at our Museum store Frederiksborggade 54 1366 Copenhagen K, Denmark. For now, we are not selling the items online. However, soon this will be possible in cooperation with our partner, CONTINUED which will be announced when possible.