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Wood Wood lands at Copenhagen Airport

In a somewhat unexpected move it was met with equal anticipation and wonder when it was announced that Wood Wood was among the newcomers to open a shop at the latest extension of the shopping and dining area at Copenhagen Airport Terminal 2.

Copenhagen Airport has always been an airport with premium shopping and great possibilities for travellers to grab a good meal when commuting. The interior of the airport is often described as very Scandinavian as it's clean, somewhat minimal and yet cosy. The shopping selection is excellent and rivalled by few other airports in the world. With roots in the graffiti culture and a unique take on contemporary streetwear, Wood Wood is nevertheless an atypical brand to be located in an airport environment.

With an outspoken desire Not To Be Trusted, Wood Wood has always taken pride in doing the unexpected. Whether it be collaboration partners or brand selection at the stores, Wood Wood strives to do things differently. Seen in this perspective it's only natural for Wood Wood to find a new kind of setting to develop the brand. The Wood Wood Souvenir Shop is exactly this, and the opportunity to re-think how a Wood Wood store looks were simply too big to pass.

Creative Director and Menswear Designer, Karl-Oskar Olsen explains:
"It's an old dream that comes true as we have talked about the possibility of having a store at Copenhagen Airport for many years. The airport store is a kind of satellite store that is adapted to the airport and the mechanisms underlying the shopping area of the airport and we have created a retail space that stands out in the product range as well as decor".

The Wood Wood airport store offers travellers a mix of Wood Wood products, selected external brands and a range of W.W. CPH products made especially for the store. The range of W.W. CPH products includes teddy bears, water bottles, notebooks, mugs and much more. The idea behind the W.W. CPH products are that Wood Wood would like to offer a wide range of different types of souvenirs for travellers and the range will continuously grow.
The Wood Wood Souvenir Shop has been designed to meet the requirement to refurbish and move around depending on the season and products on display. Hence most of the store consists of industrial modules that can easily be moved around when needed.

Karl-Oskar Olsen says:
"Since many people will experience the W.W. CPH store as their first impression of Wood Wood, our success criteria was to create something really special. The store and its space have a clean and industrial look that is very different from our normal retail look, as we were very focused on differentiating the airport store from our other stores. To support the look and feel we created a brand new graphic identity specifically to the W.W. CPH store, which is inspired by the airport aesthetics".
Aiming to create a space that stands out within the airport, the Wood Wood Souvenir Shop reflects bits of airport aesthetics combined with functionality in look and materials. The industrial look and design of the store feature a majority of perforated steel and glass that together with the specially developed graphic identity results in a truly unique airport store.
The Wood Wood Souvenir Shop is designed in close collaboration with Spacon & X with whom Wood Wood has worked with on several occasions in connection with both the construction of trade shows, showrooms and for the production of various modules and fixtures for different stores.

The opening of the Wood Wood Souvenir Shop is part of a bigger expansion and travellers can look forward to a new shopping area consisting of 28 new stores and restaurants representing local heroes as well as international power brands.
The Wood Wood Souvenir Shop is located at Copenhagen Airport Terminal 2 and open now.