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A scent for the home
How one's home smells is usually very difficult for the inhabitant to put into words. Very often home doesn't have any particular smell in the occupant's own mind - It just is. Nevertheless visitors usually have a very different experience, and to them the smell isn't neutral at all. It is not nothing.
The atmosphere and ambient smell of a home is extremely personal and a combination of many things; Yesterday's cooking, the shampoo used in the bathroom, the flowers in the window, grandma's perfume still stuck in the pillows.

Together with the good people at Muro we have created a new scent to enter your home. The experts at Muro have made a special mix of natural fragrances and essential oils resulting in a subtle yet slightly spicy Sandalwood scent. The bottles are adorned with a classic Wood Wood print inspired by Rorschach's inkblots.
The reed diffuser is a simple system that distributes fragrance in a subtle way. The fragranced oil contained in the bottle seeps upwards through wooden reeds and gradually releases a subtle and consistent scent throughout the space where the diffuser is placed. Turn the reeds upside down, and the soaked ends will renew the room scent.
Furthermore we have developed a series of glass display pieces with the Swedish glass artist Morgan Persson. Morgan has created a series of morphed glass bottles that are displayed at all W.W stores together with the reed diffusers. With a starting point in previously used mass-produced glass bottles, Morgan has tweaked, reshaped and altered the bottles into one-of-a-kind art pieces.
The Muro for Wood Wood Reed Diffuser is exclusively available at Wood Wood. Swing by your local W.W. store to take a whiff. Or if you know that Sandalwood is your thing, purchase at woodwood.com.
Muro Scent Co. is a Swedish/Japanese company specialized in fragrances and scents. In own words, Muro aims to enhance surroundings with an array of natural fragrances, and their product range includes incense sticks, fragrance oils, room sprays and reed diffusers.
Morgan Persson is a glass artist working and living in Uppviding, Sweden. Morgan Persson's work has been exhibited at Culture Objects (New York, USA), Form Miami (Miami, USA) Gelleri Glas (Stockholm, Sweden) Graariel Art Glas (UK) and more.