Champion by Wood Wood
Spring/Summer 2018

The Spring / Summer 2018 collection from Champion by Wood Wood is built on the authentic collegiate sportswear styles and products that Champion does best - primarily in Champion's iconic reverse weave fabric and premium jersey. Classic sportswear stables, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, are re-created in monochrome autumn inspired colours, not usually associated with the Champion brand. The muted colours are in line with the W.W. Spring / Summer 2018 collection and adds a sophisticated and contemporary touch to the authentic sportswear featured in the collection.

Simple typography prints related to the emotional experience of doing or watching sports, are used throughout the collection. Words such as "Drama", "Euphoria" and "Magic" are featured on otherwise clean basic styles. The words can be interpreted as feelings and/or reflections achieved through sports performances - or simply as emotions and experiences in other aspects of life.